Bridget worries for Miranda

Bridget worries that her mum is in denial and not coping after Nicola’s incarceration, but she won’t tell Steve of her concern for fear of hampering his recovery. But Declan takes the initiative and Steve surprises his daughter by giving Miranda exactly what she needs in the way of some unexpected entertainment.

Although most of Toadie’s friends offer their support on his first day without Callum, Steph tells Toadie he’s made a huge mistake and has to put it right. Toadie and Steph end up arguing but Toadie soon sees that he must fight to get Callum back. He implores Steph to help him go after Callum and bring him back home to Erinsborough.

Rachel is embarrassed when Ty rejects her advances and worries she has missed her chance with him. Ringo urges her to be more obvious so she writes Ty a suggestive note. But when Ty still doesn’t react, Rachel panics, worried she has gone too far. But after taking advice from Libby, Ty talks to Rachel who is thrilled at his positive reaction to her note.

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