Bridget’s baby is rushed to hospital

Bridget and Declan finally arrive at the hospital, but face an agonising wait as ‘Tadpole’ continues to suffer from complications due to the unexpected birth. Initially prevented from seeing her own baby, Bridget struggles to cope. Declan finds it hard to stay strong for his wife until he is offered much needed and surprising support from Paul.

After an agonising wait, the baby is finally given the all-clear and, as they celebrate, Rebecca is moved by Paul’s interest and concern for her family. As Declan shows his gratitude to unlikely ‘grandfather’ Paul, Rebecca shocks him with an unexpected marriage proposal.

Karl and Susan are worried about Zeke’s emotional welfare after the accident at the festival, and things get even worse when Sunny’s parents refuse to let her remain in the same house as her boyfriend. Zeke comes up with the idea of moving into Steph’s house so Sunny can stay, but Karl and Susan aren’t keen for him to move out unless he seeks professional help for his problems.

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