Bridget’s down in the dumps

Feeling suffocated by her overprotective parents, Bridget is despondent when she overhears them discussing home care options, realising that they don’t expect her to make a full recovery. Later, Bridget is shocked to learn that the driver that hit her was Susan. Immediately accepting it was an accident, Bridget makes it known that she wants her life to return to normal.

Determined to rehabilitate herself, she persuades Rachel to come for a swim in No 30’s pool. When Rachel leaves in search of snacks, Bridget’s stubbornness gets her into trouble as she struggles to keep herself above the water.

Declan confesses to Oliver that he’s worried that bad things happen to him because he’s bad like his dad. After reassuring him, Oliver agrees to keep their conversation a secret from Rebecca and tries to help Declan deal with his demons. He also urges his younger brother to make up with Bridget as soon as possible.

Mickey is still punishing Janae for accidentally poisoning his dog, arguing that if she really loved Jake she wouldn’t have been so careless. Mickey remains unforgiving until he leaves a big bag of dog treats out, causing Jake to get sick, and he realises how easily accidents can happen.