Bridget’s life hangs in the balance

Bridget is resuscitated, but the doctor tells the Parkers that if she doesn’t show signs of recovery in the next 24 hours, they will need to consider the possibility that she’ll spend the rest of her life on a ventilator.

Elsewhere, Susan calls a family meeting to help Rachel and Zeke deal with the situation and explains she could go to prison for hitting Bridget. She’s touched by her family’s unconditional support, and over dinner at Charlie’s is warmly welcomed by her friends and neighbours.

But Harold unwittingly inflames the situation by delivering discarded flowers from Rachel to the hospital. Having to cope with the fact that in less than a day Bridget may be declared brain-dead, Miranda publicly accuses Susan of gross insensitivity.

Grieving Riley decides to take revenge, and against Elle’s advice, writes an inflammatory article for the newspaper suggesting that the hit-and-run criminal is still living the high life while her victim lies in a coma. The article stirs up even more trouble for Susan when, the next morning, a brick is thrown through the window of Number 28 hitting innocent Rachel.

Also, concerned that police involvement only increases the danger for Declan, Oliver decides to raise the ransom and save his brother himself.