Bridget’s memory returns

Furious to learn that Karl and Susan knew about Susan’s dizzy spells, the Parkers accuse them of keeping the information deliberately hidden to protect her in court. Meanwhile, Bridget’s memory of the accident returns and she clearly recalls falling into the road. Realising that Susan couldn’t have avoided hitting her, she urges her parents to talk to Toadie immediately. Toadie offers the prosecutor a new deal: if Susan changes her plea to guilty and accepts a suspended sentence, maybe she could avoid prison.

While Ringo continues to battle his eating disorder under the strict supervision of his mum, persistent Jessica won’t take no for an answer, despite Ringo’s insistence he is happy with Rachel. And when she calls him, asking him to rescue her from an over-enthusiastic date, he heads to the General Store, only to realise she seems fine. But he’s forced to retreat when Jessica plants a passionate kiss on him, unaware that Jessica’s friend Taylah has recorded everything on her mobile phone.

Elsewhere, Susan worries her ongoing symptoms could be something more serious than the menopause and Karl insists she go to the hospital for further tests.

And, realising it’s time to let go of his grudge, Riley writes a new article for the paper outlining Susan’s innocence.

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