Bridget’s revelation rocks the Parkers

Bridget ends up making a guilty confession at Steve’s sentencing but it doesn’t prevent him going to prison, leaving Toadie’s professional credibility on the line. Bridget and Steve are later re-interviewed and the truth comes out. Miranda struggles to keep her family together as she starts to face up to the prospect of her daughter being charged and her husband serving a prison sentence,

Rachel, Ringo and Zeke are horrified to find Susan collapsed in the park. But she is more concerned about the disappearance of Callum Jones, and worries she has let Toadie down. Toadie reassures her and starts searching for Callum himself. The return of Susan’s mobile phone relieves some of Karl’s concern about her health but it only serves to raise more questions for Susan about Toadie’s young child.

Another negative pregnancy test puts more pressure on Samantha, while Dan suspects she is entering a manic phase. When Sam seeks Karl’s help for her manic state she realises she will need to come clean about her fake pregnancy. Fearing she will lose Dan if her lie is exposed, Sam chooses to keep quiet and risk a full-blown manic episode by rejecting Karl’s help.