Britain at Play?

Harry appoints Frank to be the store’s Head of Press and Print, and together they dream up the perfect promotion to celebrate the signing of the landmark Treaty of Versailles. Harry hopes the ‘Britain at Play’ spectacle will impress the Selfridges’ shareholders. But, as always, his arch nemesis Lord Loxley throws a spanner in the works by piling the pressure on Harry to start making profits soar.
Harry’s relationship with Nancy also hits a rocky patch after she tells him she wants to keep things purely professional, at least until the Selfridges Estate is finished. However, Harry’s determined not to let Nancy slip through his fingers and proposes. Nancy immediately says ‘Yes’.
Meanwhile, George is literally left holding the baby while Miss Mardle is at work. He makes an impassioned plea to Mr Grove urging him to change his mind about little Ernest’s future. Mr Grove is humbled and takes Ernest back.  
Elsewhere Rosalie annoys Violette by trying to match-make her with French count Jacques De Sibour. And cute couple Gordon and Grace split up after Grace convinces herself that their different upbringings mean their relationship could never work.