Former EastEnders and Gavin & Stacey star Larry Lamb is back in the saddle as he sets off on another cycling trip around Britain with his son, TV and radio presenter George Lamb, in 
this meandering travel show.

In tonight’s opening episode, 
the pair are heading for Northumberland to visit a kipper smokehouse that’s 
been around for more than a century, before stopping off at 
a renowned archaeological dig, a dog contest and a haunted house.

Britain By Bike - Northumberland

George an Larry Lamb at the kipper smokehouse

Just like the boys themselves, the show proceeds at a relaxing pace, especially 
for Larry, who has an electric bicycle to help him out on the hills!

TV Times caught up with them en route to ask how they’ve been getting on and if cycling is something they’ve always enjoyed doing together.

‘When George was a small boy, I had a little seat for him that was fixed to the crossbar of my bicycle,’ explains Larry.

‘He would sit there with his little feet up in between my arms. Then, as he got older, he had a 
seat on the back and we’d cycle 
all over London.’

‘Those were happy times, but before last year’s series, we hadn’t been out together since 
I was a kid,’ says George.

‘Now to do it again is a joy, especially when you’re out in the countryside and you can just pootle along slowly and have a natter. It’s the best way to enjoy the British countryside, because you can stop off where you like and meet some extraordinary people. Even when it was belting down with rain, we had a laugh,’ he adds.

TV Times rating: ****