Nicole is delighted that Britt’s using her designs. Britt pitches them to the buyer, who loves the range. Nicole can’t believe her work will soon be in shops. Britt invites some designer friends over to celebrate and includes Nicole… even if it’s just to serve drinks. She overhears a designer complimenting her work, but is shocked when Britt passes it off as her own.

Charlie is seeing her therapist, Michael. She tells him she still loves Angelo, and is grateful he’s giving her space. Angelo isn’t actually coping well. When he sees her talking to Michael in the Diner, he jumps to conclusions. Alf reassures him, but it doesn’t ease Angelo’s anxiety.

Annie’s delighted that she and Romeo are in the school production, albeit with Romeo playing Juliet and Annie playing Romeo. She hopes the romance in the play will spill over into real life. Romeo is so nervous of being up on stage it’s making him ill. Annie thinks that if they can rehearse alone it may help Romeo’s nerves. The ploy sees the two reciting lines to each other as if they were the real Romeo and Juliet. They nearly kiss, but are thwarted by the arrival of the rest of the cast. Things are definitely heating up.

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