Brodie manages to give the police the slip and heads directly to see Brax. After witnessing an exchange between Brax and Charlie, Brodie now has the upper hand. Brax reluctantly agrees to assist Brodie in escaping from the police and leaving the country.

Angelo wakes up from his coma and Charlie starts questioning him to see what happened. Angelo claims that he cannot remember anything, but he later warns Nicole that they may be in danger. She suspects that he still remembers everything, but doesn’t want to blab. The pair of them discuss what to do and eventually decide not to say anything to Charlie.

Sid is still unhappy with Romeo and Indi getting back together. He just doesn’t believe that Romeo can be trusted… which is compounded when a young woman named Emily is diagnosed with a sexually transmitted infection and claims she contracted it from Romeo. When Romeo comes over for lunch, Sid can’t help himself and gives him an earful.