Has Brody’s risk backfired?

Brody decides to go along with Zannis's plan...

Justin is furious when he finds out that Zannis is threatening Brody and the entire Morgan family. Brody’s against going to the police and tells his siblings he’ll do one last job for Zannis then he will be out of their lives forever. Justin and Tori aren’t convinced. Brody follows his gut and goes through with the delivery, however, he’s caught by the police! Will Brody go straight back to prison?

Meanwhile, Ash finds Tori sitting outside the police station. He puts his arm around her, but their close moment together is put on pause when Kat sees them. At home, Kat tells Ash that Tori has a crush on him and he needs to confront her. Later, Ash tells Tori about Kat’s accusations and she laughs them off. Ash, however, quickly realises that Kat could be right. What will he do?

As the Astonis move in, Ziggy decides to skip the unpacking and ask Brody for a job at Salt. Will Brody give Ziggy a job? Later, Ben sees Brody being arrested and it puts him on edge, as Ziggy has been spending so much time with him. Will Ben tell Ziggy she can no longer be friends with Brody? And are Brody and Ziggy just good friends?