Ziggy heads to the beach for a surf and bumps into Justin. He apologises for the fact that things with Brody didn’t work out as she’d hoped. However, Ziggy isn’t interested in his apology and walks off. Next, Justin gets a call form Brody as a police search is underway at their house. Justin races back home to find that the police have found a pair of shoes belonging to Brody that have blood on them. Is Brody facing jail time?

Knowing that Brody could be heading to prison and seeing how desperate Justin is to save his brother, Scarlett takes matters into her own hands. How far will she go and will she risk her life for the Morgans?

Also, Roo is excited to be heading back to the city to continue her teaching course, but when she shares the news with Leah and VJ, it’s clear that VJ is distracted by Coco’s texts. Later, the pair meet up and Coco explains that her family are barely on speaking terms. So he suggests that Coco gets her family to try Marilyn’s pepper pot solution: whoever’s holding the pot is the only person who can talk. Will this be the answer to help the Astoni family solve their problems?