Brody feels betrayed by Justin

Brody is upset when it becomes clear Justin no longer trusts him

Brody is struggling with his withdrawals and asks where Justin is. Mason pretends not to know the location of his brother and calls Scarlett over to help support Brody in his time of need. However, when Scarlett comes over she tells Brody that Justin is in the Bay with Ava- leaving Brody devastated. Brody confronts Justin, but will their showdown push Brody on another downward spiral?

Meanwhile, when Ava and Justin see Scarlett, they ask if she’s feeling better and Ava wants Scarlett to join them for their day out at the beach. Scarlett initially declines the offer, but Ava refuses to take no for an answer.

Also, with Zac suggesting that Hunter tracks down his biological dad, Hunter feels as though Zac no longer wants to remain contact. Could Hunter be right? Also, with Hunter feeling unwanted he presses the self-destruct button, but finds support from a former foe…