Will Brody get Salt back?

Will Brody's business dreams come back to life?

Brody has arranged a meeting with Felicity in the hope that she will sell Salt back to him. Just as he prepares to go in for the meeting, Justin arrives in a foul mood closely followed behind by Willow who tries to explain her side of the story about the guy in the gym.

Justin doesn’t want to hear it and the brothers have their meeting with Felicity. She can see how much Brody wants Salt back and asks for more than double what she paid! Brody is left deflated – but Willow comes up with a plan to help. Will Brody get his beloved Salt back?

Also, Tori puts her feelings to one side in order to comfort Kat in her heartbreak over Robbo. As Kat struggles to understand that she fell in love with a man who once wanted her dead, Tori feels guilty and decides to hand Robbo’s address over to the police. But when she arrives at the police station will she really be able to give Robbo’s address away?