Is Brody hooked on drugs?

Brody is anxious about the visit from the food critic and needs to de-stress...

Brody is stressed with the food critic on their way to review Salt and its menu. Justin and Mason try to get Brody to relax, but he continues to snap at his brothers. Lena turns up and convinces Broady to take a ‘pick me up’ pill to relax him. When the critic, Terry, arrives, Brody goes overboard with the friendly service, even when his brothers tell him to tone things down.

When Terry gives Brody some constrictive criticism about his recipe, however, Brody explodes. Brody’s out of character behaviour alarms Justin and Mason – will they find out that Brody has been taking drugs?

Also, VJ and Leah decide to entrusts Irene with looking after Luc temporarily. Irene can see Leah’s upset and Leah finally breaks down and tells Irene that Zac cheated on her. The pair have a heart to heart and Leah decides she needs some time away from Summer Bay.