Brody’s got money worries

Salt isn't pulling in enough cash, which puts Brody under pressure

Brody is under a tremendous amount of stress with his upcoming student night. Salt has been struggling financially, so he’s hoping the student night will bring in some extra cash. Brody asks Mason to spread the word at university, so he starts with Lena.

Later, Lena arrives with some friends much to Mason’s delight. Things between the pair are getting heated until Lena makes a comment about her drug use. Will Brody get a much-needed cash boost from his student night – or will the event be shut down early thanks to Lena?

Also, John and Marilyn are being treated like lepers by the Summer Bay community, and when the couple go for a walk they endure a multitude of abuse. John is struggling to come to terms with his actions and makes a life-changing decision…