Brody and Phoebe clash over colour schemes

Brody and Phoebe talk about Angelo's...

Alf orders Roo to close the Bait shop – leaving Justin unemployed again! However, Brody and Phoebe are more concerned about picking the right colour scheme for the restaurant, so Phoebe suggests he asks Ash for work. Meanwhile, Andy meets up with Simmo and agrees to use the garage to service stolen cars – so when Justin arrives at the garage and sees Simmo give Andy a large envelope of cash he realises something isn’t right.

Justin asks Ash for some work, but Ash flat out refuses. Sick of Ash’s attitude, he tells him about Andy’s dodgy dealings. Feeling rattled, Ash confronts Andy who denies everything.

Tori tells Mason about her run-in with Nate, but Mason says he’s over it and Tori should do the same. The next day, Mason impresses Nate with his bedside manner.

However, Mason has bigger problems when Lara turns up. The pair arrange to meet later, but Lara is overcome with jealousy when she sees Mason and Evelyn talking. In a bid to save his relationship, Mason tells Lara his family is in witness protection.