Brody is back from rehab, but overcome with emotions as he returns home. Meanwhile, at the hospital, Mason is firm that he never wants to lay eyes on Brody again, leaving Justin devastated. Later, Justin meets up with Brody and can see a noticeable change in his brother. Brody is keen to see Mason and apologise, so Justin takes him to the hospital.

When they arrive, Mason is livid and tells Brody to get out. Will Mason’s reaction push Brody back to his drug habit? The next morning, Justin sees Ziggy and tells her to let Brody have some space. Zannis overhears the conversation and asks Ziggy how she knows Brody…

Ziggy’s first day at the garage doesn’t get off to the best start. Bored of her paperwork, she annoys Ash and tries to fix a car he’s been working on. Justin arrives and updates them both about Brody’s progress. Ash then vents to Justin about Ziggy’s behaviour and then tells Ziggy if she touches the car she’ll be fired! The pair leave her to lock up and Ziggy can’t help her herself – she gets out the tools and manages to fix the car! She decides to take it for a spin and visit Brody, but will he want to see her?

Finally, Maggie calls in Jennifer’s father, Nick, to have a meeting about her fight with Coco. When they arrive home, Coco is upset and doesn’t feel like her parents are handling the problem with Jennifer seriously enough. Meanwhile, Ben accuses Maggie of thinking like a principle rather than a parent. Will Maggie put her daughter before her career? And will Ziggy notice Coco’s strange eating habits?