Brody searches for a rehab centre

Will Brody is struggling to afford a place in rehab...

Tori is pouring in all her efforts to make sure Mason makes a full recovery. When Brody turns up to visit Mason, Tori turns him away and tells him to concentrate on finding a place in rehab. Brody rings round various rehab clinics but they prove to be incredibly expensive. Will his family help him find the cash so he can get the help he needs?

Meanwhile, Alf and Justin confront the unknown man who has been living in Scarlett’s boat. However, the mystery man manages to escape and Alf and Justin explain the situation to Scarlett. Later, the trio find the stranger’s backpack. When they open it they find some of Alf’s possessions, but realise the man has taken the pocket knife with him. They go straight to the police but, later, the mystery man follows Alf home. Is Alf in danger?

Also, Olivia decides to visit Mason in hospital, but she locks her keys in her car. Ziggy sees Olivia is in a predicament and solves her problem by using a piece of wire to get the door open. Is this the start of a new friendship? At the hospital, Olivia sees Brody and sings Ziggy’s praises. Brody decides to apologise to Ziggy for being so snappy – but will Ziggy accept his apology?