Brody fights temptation

Can Brody stay strong and resist his addictions?

Brody’s in a foul mood after Mason warns him to stay away from Ziggy while he gets clean from his drug habit. While Brody may like Ziggy, he has bigger problems – Zannis! Brody’s struggling to resist drugs, so when Zannis comes by Salt and slips some drugs in his pocket, will Brody crumble?

Meanwhile, Maggie desperately tries to get in touch with Ziggy but she doesn’t pick up her phone. In Brody’s van, Ben tries to talk some sense into Ziggy but she has made up her mind, she wants to go back to the city and stay with her boyfriend, Jared.

Ben realises Ziggy has made up her mind and refuses to stand in her way. He gets out of the van and Brody drives her back to the city, to Jared’s apartment. But when Ziggy walks into the apartment, she’s stunned to see her boyfriend in bed with another girl! What will Ziggy do?

The Palmers are still struggling to discipline a wayward Raffy. Raffy comes downstairs and says she’s finished her homework, but John isn’t fooled by her lies and tells her to go back upstairs and finish off her schoolwork.

When Marilyn returns home, John says Raffy has been quietly doing her assignment in her room. Marilyn’s thrilled to think that things are starting to progress in the right direction – but when she checks in on Raffy, she’s not there…