Brody drives recklessly to avoid the police, but he scares Raffy in the process and she begs him to pull over. Brody finally pulls the van over and Kat grills him for his dangerous driving. Next, she asks him to take a breathalyser test, but Brody tests negative for any alcohol.

Still concerned, Kat decides to take Brody to the station to test for drugs. Brody panics and, when Kat isn’t looking, he stuffs his packet of cocaine into Raffy’s schoolbag. Will Raffy be arrested for drug possession instead?

Meanwhile, Phoebe has been offered a great opportunity to go on a week-long tour supporting her friend Donna. Will Phoebe take the opportunity, or will she turn it down to support Justin and his family crisis concerning Brody?

Finally, Leah returns to Summer Bay. But will she be able to forgive Zac?