Brody wants to make a fresh start

Can Brody finally put the past behind him?

Brody tells Tori he wants to get his life back on track and that starts by buying Salt back. However, Brody doesn’t have any money and tells Tori that he plans to ask the bank for a loan. Things don’t go to plan at the bank, as he is rejected due to his criminal record. So Tori and Justin decide to help Brody’s dreams come true…

Olivia is rattled by Ziggy’s ultimatum to tell Hunter the truth. She pleads with Ziggy not to say anything, but Ziggy says she’s doing the right thing as a friend, so Olivia tells her that they shouldn’t be friends anymore. Determined to make things work with Hunter, Olivia organises a romantic meal. Hunter can’t make it due to work, which leaves Olivia deflated; however, Hunter is creating a proposal video for her. Later, Olivia bumps into Axel – but will she be able to resist his charms?

Jennifer and her friends turn up to the gym for a self-defence class, but when they find out it has been cancelled, they attend Mason’s boxing class instead. Jennifer flirts with Mason and manages to get a one on one private lesson. During the lesson, Jennifer continues to flirt with Mason and goes in for a kiss – will Mason kiss her back?