Marilyn and Brody work together to put up the decorations for the fundraiser. While putting up the decorations, Brody watches John struggle with the barbecue and burn sausage after sausage. Unable to watch any more, Brody takes over and, in return, Irene and Marilyn make him an interesting offer…

Meanwhile, Irene’s furious to see Hunter helping Olivia set up her design booth at the fundraiser, rather than studying for his exams. Irene berates Olivia for being so selfish and says that Hunter needs support too! Will Olivia take Irene’s comments on board or will she continue to put her career first at the expense of Hunter’s revision time?

Justin runs into Scarlett, who tells him that Caleb has left, but she still needs to figure out what she wants. Kat overhears the conversation and encourages Scarlett to have some fun. Meanwhile, Robbo goes to collect the raffle prize with Alf and bumps into the mystery man who has been spying on him. It’s clear that the man knows Robbo, but Robbo has no clue who he is. Later, the mystery man makes a phone call telling the person on the end of the line: “Robbo is off mission, he didn’t recognise me and I’ll be going with Plan B.”

Also, Ben and Maggie are at a loss as to why Ziggy has left home and is refusing to pick up their calls. Finally, Ziggy gets in touch and Ben and Maggie realise it’s time to let Ziggy be an adult and they decide to focus their energies on Coco’s recovery.