Browning and Mercedes clash over the wedding

Mercedes happily plans her wedding, but Browning is concerned about the route Mercedes is taking with her plans – a leopard print wedding dress! But that’s not the worst of it though, when he discovers the wedding’s booked for 29th June – the day he killed Lynsey!

Sinead moves into Ste’s flat, but aches to be at home with her mum. However, she knows she can’t be around Katy without wanting her back. Haunted by recent events Sinead returns to work at Price Slice, memories of the armed robbery flooding back. She flees the shop frightened and runs straight into Mercedes, who offers her a job at the club instead.

Armed with a dictaphone, Dodger puts the pressure on Theresa in the hope of getting a confession from her, but it’s not the one he was expecting when she tells him about Calvin… A shocked Dodger is churning over Theresa’s confession and is decides to reveal the crucial information he has.

Also, its Leanne’s plea hearing, but Will’s plan suffers a setback when loyal Doug refuses to believe she’s guilty of murder.