Browning attacks Cindy!

Browning is desperate to stop Cindy telling Mercedes about their night together and offers her money, but it only spurs her on more. He tracks her down at the school and pleads with her. However, in typical Cindy style she pushes him too far. He shoves her in the stationary cupboard and grabs her by the throat…

Patrick is hosting an open day at Hollyoaks High and begs Maxine to behave. He’s furious when she turns up in a different dress from the one he bought her and overhears her talking to John Paul about his vasectomy. Patrick sends her home, but she’s determined to find out if he’s hiding anything else from her and looks through his personal items. She’s busted when Patrick catches her in the act.

Fraser spots Sandy with Dodger at The Dog and gives her an ultimatum. Dodger realises what Sandy truly wants and tells her to go for it with Fraser – don’t give up like he did with Texas.

Danny is coy as his wife, Sam, drops him off at work the next day, fearful of being seen by John Paul. Later, he goes to see Ste to apologise.