Trevor pays Browning a visit at the hospital, demanding the 100,000 pounds he needs to kill Myra. Browning comes up with an extreme plan to hold up a hospital delivery van of drugs and asks Ste to help, who refuses and tells the doctor to do his own dirty work. Furious, Ste accidentally slams a door into pregnant Lindsey who collapses in pain. However, the baby is fine.

Sinead returns home and is shocked to see DS Trent. He encourages Sinead to grass up Ste, or else he’ll charge her for robbery. She meets DS Trent later in the Folly and it’s clear she’s accepted his offer in a bid to protect herself and Katy.

With Nancy’s life looking firmly back on track, she is excited about receiving her drug test results today and being able to finally prove everyone wrong. Darren is buoyed by his wife’s new-found spirit, while Sienna looks on with a new plan in mind to destroy the couple. She presents Nancy’s test results to the Osbornes. However, Darren refuses to look at them – he trusts his wife.