Dr. Browning is arrested for his part in the van robbery and when Jim gets him released, he warns the doctor to keep his nose clean or he’ll end up losing everything. Browning tells Jim about his plan to kill his stalker, leaving Jim worried and intrigued about who he is referring to. Jim is revealed as Browning’s stalker – he’s Trevor’s barrister and Trevor wants Browning’s half of the club. Jim continues in his quest to terrorise Browning but it’s clear he’s not comfortable. He’s even more concerned when Trevor tells him about Browning’s plan to kill Myra.

After seeing Trevor with Freddie in the hospital, Joe tells him where he can shove his investment but Trevor issues the Roscoes with a warning. When Freddie hears about Trevor’s visit, he sells his soul on the condition Trevor doesn’t go near his family.

Patrick is mortified when a drunk Maxine makes a toast to him in front of local dignitaries. When Myra falls off her chair and straight through the buffet table, Patrick throws Maxine out of the flat.

Ash starts her new work placement and is shocked when her first patient turns out to be Anna Blake. She’s intrigued by Anna’s ramblings but when she spots Will out of Anna’s window she makes a quick exit.