Dr. Browning and Mercedes are loved up again and ready to start a new life with the money from the club. However, when Browning opens his bag he sees the money is gone. Mercedes doesn’t care about the missing money, her family is more important so they both go to see Myra.

Mercedes is horrified when she sees her mother throwing flyers around the village, with Browning’s face and ‘murderer’ on every one. The red mist descends and Browning aggressively grabs Myra’s wrist, while Mercedes desperately tries to calm down her husband.

Trevor watches from The Loft and when Browning sees him, he realises where his missing money is. He makes a deal with Trevor and tells him Jacqui is still alive, on the condition Trevor keeps the money as a fee for killing Myra.

Dodger and Leanne are furious with Dennis when he buys a run-down house with Mrs. Rahj’s money. Dennis thinks he’s redeemed himself when Tilly and George agree to rent it as a student house, until Dodger comes up with a better money-making scheme – but is it too late?

Meanwhile, Freddie is in over his head with Trevor.