Browning’s plan ends in tragedy

Both Ste and Freddie arrive at the deserted road, dressed in boiler suits and balaclavas to wait for the van. Ste and Freddie hold up the van and start loading the medicine into their car, but Freddie is confused when Trevor turns up with his cronies. The seamless crime turns into chaos as Freddie grabs a baseball bat and hits one of Trevor’s henchmen. Ste tries to stop Freddie, knowing Trevor’s intentions and in the fight Freddie gets stabbed.

To the delight of the Savages, Liberty returns to the village. Dirk is happy to see his daughter again, but is dubious when he sees Dodger with her. Dodger explains that he’s back to face his demons but is furious when Dirk tells him about Anna’s confession.

Esther is horrified when Darren offers Sienna a 24 hour live-in job as Oscar’s nanny, and, in a bid to fit in with the Blakes, Maxine banters with Dodger and Sienna about Patrick’s OCD, but doesn’t notice her boyfriend’s discomfort.