Bruce catches Lucas and Annie

After catching Lucas letting Annie out of her locked room, Bruce holds the pair at gunpoint, locking them up together. Elsewhere, Geoff is concerned when Lucas doesn’t bring Annie home and he and Tony both head to the farm to check they are OK. But when they arrive, Bruce takes a shot at them.

Luckily he misses, giving Geoff the chance to rescue his sister and Lucas. He gets through a window before helping them out of the locked room. Geoff then confronts Bruce and tells him he won’t let Annie stay with him any more, before challenging Bruce to shoot him. Luckily Tony intervenes just in time.

Tony decides that the perfect way to integrate Jazz with everyone in the Bay is to have a drinks party with Leah, Dan, Sally and Brad. The evening starts badly when Geoff calls Tony away before the guests arrive and Belle and Drew turn up having a loud argument.

After rashly agreeing to a drag race with dodgy Denni a few days ago, Drew discovers his vengeful ex girlfriend Lisa has set everything up to humiliate him. Drew decides to pull out of the race but Dom informs Drew that Denni won’t take no for an answer.

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