Bruce collapses

Geoff puts himself up for selection in a city football team, leaving Annie worried that if Geoff gets picked, he’ll move to the city. But Geoff’s heart isn’t in the game, prompting Tony to fetch Bruce. Seeing his granddad watching, Geoff plays brilliantly and Bruce even gives him his blessing. But after the match, Geoff’s world falls apart when Bruce collapses and dies.

Jack’s hopes that his crooked police partner George will stay straight are dashed when George’s past catches up with him when he arrests a drug-dealer who threatens to tell McGrath some unsavoury facts about George’s dodgy history. Jack covers for George, determined to keep their partnership above board. But George takes Jack’s help as a sign that he is open to manipulation.

Still unsettled about her growing feelings for Jonah, Martha agrees to help him on the farm. But working together only fuels Martha’s anxiety and she ends up fighting with Jonah. Martha tries to walk away but Jonah forces her to admit her feelings for him. And the pair give in to a passionate kiss.

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