Bruce is on the warpath

Bruce reacts angrily to the news that the sheep were deliberately poisoned, and looks to blame his neighbours or possibly Aden. Aware that Geoff is the poisoner, Annie is shocked when he joins his granddad in blaming Aden. And the family are stunned when a brick is thrown through the kitchen window that night.

The next day, Jack learns Aden threw the brick as payback from being thrown off the footie team. But Jack is able to rule Aden out of poisoning the sheep when his alibi checks out. Later, Bruce loses his temper when Geoff confronts him about their parents’ will. That evening, convinced he’s under siege, paranoid Bruce takes his shotgun and watches over his stock. Sensing movement, he takes aim at a figure in the dark but, too late, realises he’s shot Geoff in the arm.

Still in love with Jack, Martha struggles to accept Sam’s role in his life, but tries to establish some sort of friendship. But Martha is dismayed when Rachel invites Sam, Rory and Jack to move in with her, and has to deal with the painful thought of Jack and Sam living in the house she once shared with Jack.