Frances McDormand and Brad Pitt are among the star-studded cast of this screwball crime comedy from the Coen Brothers.

When drunken CIA man John Malkovich is fired, he starts to write his memoirs, but the disk’s stolen and falls into the hands of gym workers Pitt and McDormand, who try to blackmail Malkovich for its return and to sell it to the Russian Embassy.

Then, McDormand meets married George Clooney online – and he’s having an affair with Malkovich’s ice-cold wife, Tilda Swinton.

With a clutch of funny performances and some hilarious sequences, it’s smart, enjoyable and put over with great style and verve. So it’s easy to forgive the perilously thin material.

And the acting’s peerless: Malkovich and Pitt are hysterical, Clooney and McDormand effective and touching and character actors JK Simmons, David Rasche and Richard Jenkins also sparkle.