So Cain’s convinced Finn knows where Adam and Victoria are hiding out. And his suspicion proves right. Holed up in a hotel, Victoria and Adam are stunned when Cain bursts into their room. They soon realise he’s furious about their disappearing act. As the couple hastily reveal their plan to get married prior to Victoria going to court over the car accident which put Ashley in a coma, he’s not impressed. As Cain storms out of the room, he warns his stepson Adam he’s done with him. But will Cain tell Robert where the pair are hiding out to stop Moira finding out about his kissy betrayal with Chrissie?

Kirin wants to know what’s going on when Priya starts shifting her stuff out of his dad’s place. While Priya has decided she can no longer spend another moment living with the lawyer, who has tricked his own son into believing another man has got his girlfriend pregnant, will Priya put Kirin straight when Rakesh feeds him another pack of lies?

Carly’s sent reeling when Ross suggests she blackmails Bob to stop him interfering in her plans for the shop.