Buster has a cautious chat with Dean on Father’s Day after discovering the results of Dean’s DNA test. Deciding Dean has the right intentions, Buster tells him that he is Jade’s dad. Meanwhile, Mick and Linda return home with baby Ollie, but their homecoming is disrupted when Dean turns up, claiming he wants to make amends with Linda.

After Mick throws out Dean and Buster, Buster confronts Dean about his temper, warning him that social services will hold his past against him if he tries to get custody of Jade. Realising Jade is better off where she is, Dean agrees not to fight for custody, but Shirley insists she wants her granddaughter…

Kush enlists the help of Carmel and Stacey to bring Shabnam and Masood back together. Although Shabnam initially refuses to make amends with her dad, she softens after some encouraging words from Kush, reuniting with Masood.

Ian is touched when Bobby gives him a gift on Father’s Day, but the moment is interrupted by Carol with news of Cindy. Confessing that Cindy has been hiding at their house, Carol is annoyed when Ian refuses to allow Cindy back home. Desperate not to lose Cindy again, Jane begs Carol to let Cindy stay at their house.

Also, Stacey’s shocked when Martin tells Shabs and Kush that he and Stacey are a couple.