Buster has a proposition for Kathy in EastEnders

Buster goes behind Shirley's back to make a call to Kathy

Buster confides in Kathy about the state of his relationship with Shirley. After some wise words from Kathy, Buster suggests to Shirley they go out on a date. Preoccupied with Peggy’s funeral arrangements, Shirley leaves Buster annoyed when she turns him down. When he later bumps into Carmel, who tells him he needs to do what makes him happy, he sends Kathy a message asking her to meet up.

Jay turns up at the Mitchells with the news that Amy is missing. While Andy and Jack go off in search of Amy, Jay confesses to Ronnie that Amy may have had access to Roxy’s drug stash. After telling Jay and Roxy to get rid of the drugs, Ronnie is stopped from calling the police by the return of Jack, who is livid to learn about the drugs. To everyone’s relief, Andy returns with Amy. Although Amy insists she didn’t touch the drugs, Jack takes her to the hospital to get checked over. When the nurse reveals that Social Services might get involved, Jack tells Roxy that he wants full custody of Amy. Meanwhile, grateful to Andy, Ronnie says he can stay.

Pam confronts Les about the cost of Peggy’s funeral. Infuriated by Pam’s outburst in the Vic, Babe tells them that the money to keep her silent has gone up, leaving them panicked.