Cain actions his plan to kill Robert!

Adam is left reeling after Cain outlines his killer plan. But the Dingle has decided and he’s about to action his murder plot. Sneaking into the hospital, Cain calls Chrissie from a hospital phone, posing as a doctor. Then, he creeps into Robert’s room and prepares to cut off his life-support. But will he get stopped in his tracks when Zak gets wind of Cain’s plan from Adam and races over there to stop Cain from committing murder?

Ashley is fretting over his father, prompting Harriet to get him to ask Sandy to move in with them. But Sandy has too much pride to want to rely on his son and, instead, makes a shock suggestion…

Guilt is eating away at Paddy, who’s clearly done something he’s living to regret. After drowning his sorrows in the pub, he drunkenly tells his wife, Rhona, he’s sorry for what he’s done. What’s the mild mannered vet been up to? Was he Robert’s mystery shooter?

Moira shows she knows her husband only too well as she worries about what he’ll do to save Aaron from prison. At Home Farm, Bernice is already having a nightmare with her newfound family, the Whites.