Knowing that Charity, Jai and Carl have a dodgy deal on the go, bad boy Cain sniffs around until his nose for a scam leads him to Jai’s barn conversion, where he finds the stack of stolen TVs that Carl is supposed to be delivering to Charity’s bent buyer. Now, who does Cain know who can give him the inside track on the dealings of Carl’s trucking business? That would be Cameron, who’s in need of money. That’s why he agrees to help Cain rip off Jai, Charity and Carl – but only on the condition that Debbie never finds out.

Aaron has found out that Ashley has refused to perform Jackson’s funeral service and he is not happy. He tells Ashley exactly what he thinks of him before Hazel pulls him away. But Chas defends her son, making it clear to Ashley that, in her eyes, his lack of support for Aaron and Hazel in their time of grief is very unChristian.

There’ll be an unholy row, too, if Mia finds out what Ella’s up to with Adam – and Mia’s getting suspicious thanks to her mum’s shopping spree for sexy knickers.