Debbie gets a late Christmas present from her parents: they’re getting married! They make their big announcement to their daughter and the rest of the Dingle clan expecting the worst, but their family is right behind them – all the way to The Woolpack to celebrate. Debbie tells Chas and Carl the good news and gets great pleasure from adding that her parents can be happy now because the cause of their fights – the money – is gone, burned to a cinder. Carl had big plans for that money, so how will he react when he hears he’ll never get his hands on it?

Maisie also wants something that’s not hers: Ryan. Katie has invited her to join them for dinner, and when she pops out to get more to drink Maisie takes the chance to talk to Ryan about their near-kiss. Feeling angry and guilty, Ryan tells her he feels nothing for her and she leaves. But he was lying to Maisie. Question is: will he lie to Katie?

Faye’s playing the lying game, too… She tells Ryan she’s moving away from Emmerdale and, despite what Ryan thinks, it’s nothing to do with Mark. That might turn out to be true, though, as Mark is running hot and cold again…

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