Cain becomes demolition man

Cain’s jealous of Charity’s relationship with Jai; Faye’s jealous of Charity’s relationship with Jai. And when two green-eyed monsters put their heads together there’s bound to be carnage. Faye does some wicked whispering in Cain’s ear: Charity’s out with Jai (but she doesn’t add that it’s strictly business), Charity’s having drinks with Jai at his home (but she doesn’t add that it’s strictly business)… and it’s like putting a match to a stick of dynamite. Cain explodes. And after he sees Charity enjoying a drink with Jai he hammers home his anger, paying Sam to help him smash up Jai’s barn conversion. And his revenge – for the affair Charity isn’t having, mind – isn’t going to stop there.

Amy’s having a smashing time, too. Nervous about Val and Pollard’s meeting with Social Services regarding her future, the silly girl swipes a couple of bottles of wine and heads off to the pavilion with Victoria and Hannah, where she gets drunk.

You have to wonder if Moira and farmer John are drunk when they agree to let Roz move in – the same Roz who got Holly started on drugs. Her own father has thrown her out so they give her a roof over her head.

*Second episode*

In a jealous rage Cain has wrecked Jai’s barn conversion. He’s convinced Charity’s sleeping with Jai and she does admit to Chas that she’s been tempted, but wouldn’t do anything. Chas warns her that she’s asking for trouble, but Charity thinks she’s in control of the game she’s playing. Of course, she doesn’t know that Cain’s out of control – and neither does Jai.

Amy’s gone off the rails, too. She’s lied to Victoria and Hannah, saying it’s her birthday, and the three of them have got drunk to celebrate. Back at the B&B, the social worker is waiting to see her, so Pollard tracks her down. Realising he can’t let the girl be seen drunk, Pollard says she’s gone out with mates for her birthday. And the social worker would probably have believed him – if it was June, which is when Amy’s birthday is. Uh-oh. Pollard and Val don’t like to be made to look like fools.

Aaron doesn’t like people telling him what to do and he doesn’t like Chas and Jackson telling him that he shouldn’t devote his entire life to Jackson, he should devote some time to having fun, too. But, under pressure, he promises he will have a night out.