Cain catches Carl with a Christmassy Eve!

Ho, ho, ho… It looks like Cain catches Carl treating himself to a Christmas Eve special at Chas’s hen party. Carl wouldn’t be that heartless, would he – deceiving his bride-to-be just two days before their big day? In fact, it’s dirty flirty Eve who’s doing all the running while Chas isn’t looking, hoping to tempt Carl into having her for Christmas, not Chas. But that’s not how Cain sees it. All he sees is the man his half-sister loves cheating on her and he wades in, fists flying. It’s a bit late for defending Chas’s honour, but it’s a nice gesture.

Justin doesn’t like what he sees when he visits Jacob in hospital. Believing his son is unhappy in Emmerdale, Justin tells Alicia and Leyla he’s going to fight for custody. Meanwhile, Leyla realises she’s going to have to fight for David when he moves out of their home and into the B&B.

Katie catches Andy and Henshall arguing about her and, angry with both of them, she storms off. Diane warned Andy to stay away from the smug copper, but he just couldn’t and now he may regret it – in more ways than one.

*Second episode*

Charity pulls Cain off Carl and drags him into the pub, where she puts him in the picture about how Chas is planning to take Carl for everything he’s got and jilt him at the altar. Suddenly Cain likes what he saw – and what he hears. He even apologises to Carl for getting the wrong end of the stick and not realising Eve was coming on to him. At home, though, Chas isn’t feeling the least bit vengeful and when Carl returns she can’t resist him…

Alicia can’t resist Leyla’s support in her looming custody battle with Justin. Of course, Leyla would plant herself in Alicia’s corner as it’s her son they’re fighting for, and she reassures Alicia that she will fight Justin every step of the way if he tries to take Jacob away. Hmmmm, how’s David going to feel about all of this?

What Declan cares about is how soon he can get rid of his dad, Dermot, who is happily buying everyone in The Woolpack drinks with Declan’s money. According to Ella, this is just Dermot showing everyone how proud he is of his son. But Declan says the proud father will have to end his act on Boxing Day and leave.

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