Cain collapses and falls into a river!

Cain’s told Charity that he will chuck her and Noah out of Butler’s if she tells anyone what’s wrong with him, but she knows she’s got to do something before before his brain aneurysm kills him. So, she decides to tell all to Moira, who’s floored to hear what’s wrong with her husband. Meanwhile, a disorientated Cain collapses and falls into a freezing cold river. A short while later, Kirin spots him floating in the water and pulls him out while Vanessa calls for an ambulance. After he’s rushed to hospital, Moira, Charity and Debbie fear the worst as they wait for news…

As Katie becomes more and more convinced that Robert is having an affair with Alicia, she’s left with egg on her face when he publicly humiliates her in the pub.

Lachlan twists Chrissie round his little finger when he asks to borrow some money, but what does he want it for? And Adam continues his plan to win back Victoria, but does she want him?