Cain collapses!

Cain’s acting out of sorts so a concerned Debbie tells him to go home and get some sleep. Later, Cain’s horrified to find Debbie’s car has broken down, aware that it’s his fault, but rather than admit his mistake he makes it look like Dan is to blame! That evening, Cain’s alone in the garage when he feels a sharp pain in his head and collapses, but he quickly regains consciousness and gets up just as Charity turns up. Will he be able to convince her that he’s okay?

Pete tells Finn that they are better off without Emma, but Moira reckons that the lad has a right to know his mum. Later, Pete tries to convince Victoria to dissuade Finn from seeing his mum but he can see that he’s wasting his time.

Elsewhere in the village, Marlon is shocked by the amount of empty booze bottles in the recycling and suggests an alcohol-free January to Laurel, while Ross is suspicious when Cain offers him a job at the garage.