You just know that when Cain swings a baseball bat he’s not doing it for sport. Cain gets heavy with a heavy Debbie’s doing business with – but this guy doesn’t scare easily. His name’s Pete and he’s going to be a real pain in the neck… Debbie thinks she’s being clever when she meets Pete and talks about making big money by running drugs for him. She’s way out of her depth and Dom and Charity realise this. That’s why they go to Cain and ask him to rescue Debbie from the trouble she’s got herself into…

Talking of trouble, Thomas has found a willing partner in his mischief-making – Sean. Thomas thinks it will be a laugh to take Sandy’s mobility scooter for a ride through a stream, but he lets Sean do all the dirty work. So it’s Sean who has to explain how he has wrecked Sandy’s wheels and left Sandy to stagger home (although whether Sandy’s staggering under the influence of alcohol or because of physical frailty is debatable).

Katie’s frailty is a worry for Declan – but not Steve. Katie’s new horsey pal thinks she would benefit from a trip to a stud farm in Argentina. What? Declan’s plans to get closer to his wife aren’t going to work if she’s in another country!

*Second episode*

Dom rides shotgun when Cain goes to ‘have words’ with Debbie’s new business associate, Pete the pill-pusher. But Dom doesn’t know that Cain has a baseball bat in the boot of his car and plans to punctuate his words with some heavy-hitting. He finds that out when Cain starts swinging the bat at Pete as soon as he opens his door. Cain warns the drug dealer to stay away from Debbie but Pete doesn’t scare easily. Dom is scared, though. He knows Pete and knows what he’s capable of…

Moira knows Cain and knows what he’s capable of. So when she sees his war wounds from his fight with Pete she’s not surprised – and she’s not impressed. Cain doesn’t expect her to pat him on the back but he does want her to understand that he’s done what he’s done to try to protect Debbie. But Moira’s not interested any more in anything Cain has to say.

Kerry wants to protect her relationship with Andy, which means keeping Katie away from him. Declan’s desperate to keep Katie away from Andy, too, but neither Kerry’s snide comments nor Declan’s efforts to please can keep Katie and Andy apart.