Cain confronts Joanie!

After the hoo-ha at the Dingles over Christmas, Belle is upset and feels the family drama is all her fault. Cain is incensed and lets rip when he bumps into Joanie. But will the gran listen when Cain warns her to steer clear? Meanwhile, Zak knows he’s caused all the damage and wants to make amends with his upset teen daughter Belle.

When Aaron finds Chas has Gordon’s scarf he suspects she’s seen his hated dad behind his back and confronts his mum about it. Later, Ross sees a police car arrive in Emmerdale and warns Aaron. He was right to worry as it’s DS Hart. The detective tells Chas that Aaron’s alibi, for the warehouse robbery, doesn’t tally.

David comes up with a plan when Pollard explains how he feels he didn’t get to say goodbye to Val before she died in the helicopter crash.

Pete and Debbie get their marriage annulments through. Finn’s stunned when Ross hints at his plan to propose to Debbie.