Chrissie’s in a panic as Robert is planning to use the photos of her kissing Cain to cause damage. Cain is furious when he hears about the plot and after trying to find a way to stop Robert, he warns Chrissie she’d better keep her husband in check or she’ll have him to answer to. Scared, who will Chrissie turn to for help?

Moira’s suspicious that Cain has deceived her when both he and the prison visiting order go missing. When she calls the prison to find out if Cain is visiting Charity, Moira’s devastated as her suspicions are confirmed. But Moira’s been deceived as it’s actually Ross who’s visiting the jailbird.

There, Charity puts the pressure on the village bad boy, threatening to tell all and sundry he got her pregnant if he doesn’t split up Cain and Moira, pronto.

Pollard’s having a nightmare. Not only has he got a heart condition, his wife is planning to fake her death. And she’s, er, deadly serious about it. Will he assist her in her plan?