Cain demands answers from Cameron

*Episode two*

Cain’s got Cameron backed into a corner and he wants to know what’s going on with him and Debbie. What’s going on is that Debbie and Cameron are in a bit of a panic… The police have a new witness to Gennie’s accident and push Debbie to think really hard to see if she can remember any more than she’s told them. Of course Debbie can remember plenty, but doesn’t want to talk about it with anyone except Cameron. With the pressure on, the secret lovers are careless and Cain sees that there’s something going on between them. Now he wants to know what… and he turns to killer Cameron for answers.

Bernice thinks she has the answer to Steve’s recent questionable behaviour: he has another woman… And she turns to Nicola for help. Oh, if only Bernice knew that Nicola is the woman Steve won’t leave alone. But she doesn’t know so she asks Nicola to get Jimmy to keep an eye on Steve, but Nicola says she’ll do it herself!

Rhona has said she’ll pick up Leo from nursery, but is a no-show. She turns up later with a big explanation, but Paddy and Marlon aren’t convinced by her performance…