*First episode*

Ross panics when he finds out Debbie still hasn’t managed to tell Pete she’s leaving him. It’s not going to take Cain long to work out who’s been out to ruin his marriage and why. With tears streaming down her face, Debbie pens a break-up letter to Pete, unable to say it to his face. When Finn makes a joke about Pete and Debbie not getting married, Victoria picks up on the comment, sensing there’s some truth behind his words.

Meanwhile, furious Cain is going all out to find out how the photos of him kissing Chrissie ended up in his wife’s hands. When he confronts Robert, he’s told it may have been Ross. This makes sense to Moira, who knows Ross has had it in for her ever since she found out about his affair with Debbie.

With their bags packed, Debbie and Ross are about to make their getaway when Cain arrives with a bombshell…