Cain fights for Charity!

Cain really does love Charity – he just has some funny ways of showing it. And it’s one of those funny ways he puts in to play to try to win her away from Jai. First, he gets Jai out of the way by creating a meeting for him with a phantom customer. Then he sends Charity a new dress that comes with a note telling her to be in a pre-booked hotel room at a specific time and place. She thinks Jai is her mystery date so imagine her shock-horror when she finds Cain in the hotel room…

Still reeling from the shock of Jimmy’s departure, Nicola goes to see him and pleads with him not to give up on her and Angelica. Seeing her heartbreak, Jimmy decides to do his best to recover his feelings for Nicola and Angelica and books an appointment with a hypnotherapist. That’s the good news. The bad news is that Nicola then discovers Jimmy was taking money out of the bank every time he went to Peterborough and thinks he was having an affair…

Amid all this drama, Lisa quietly returns to work and insists that people carry on as normal.

*Second episode, 8pm*

Cain and Charity are in the hotel room and Cain doesn’t want to leave without her. But, in the end, he has to… Charity agrees they had some good times but insists they’re finished and she’s with Jai now. Devastated and angry, Cain throws her on the bed and presses a pillow over her face, then lets her go. It’s clear there’s no going back and Cain lashes out, hitting Charity with insults about her past as a prostitute.

Charity hits back with details of her past where she was hurt and abused and Cain is shocked. Meanwhile, Jai and Chas have worked out Cain’s cunning plan and rush to the hotel, where Cain is promising never again to bring up Charity’s past as a hooker. Really? To test him, Charity tells him she doesn’t want him and he immediately lashes out again. Game over. Charity opens the door and leaves with Jai.

Aaron wants to stay the night with Jackson; after all, they’re a couple again. Jackson’s not so keen, though, not least because his mother would be lurking upstairs.

Also, Chas is still keen to buy The Woolpack but the bank won’t fund her ambitions so it’s back to boxing toffees.

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