Cain finds out Moira’s pregnant!

Here we go again… Cain’s got another Emmerdale female pregnant: Moira, this time. Like Amy’s pregnancy, this is not something Cain planned and he needs something stronger than his usual pint after Moira tells him she’s having his baby. Unlike with Amy, though, Cain cares about Moira – he’s even told her he loves her. But does he want a baby with her? Does Moira want a baby with Cain for that matter? That’s what Cain wants to know, but Moira doesn’t have an answer. She can barely trust Cain to be a boyfriend she can rely on, never mind a father of her child…

Nikhil thought he could trust Gennie to marry him so he’s devastated when she walks up the aisle and then says she can’t say ‘I do’ without her mum watching. So, is there any chance of getting Brenda to the church? Brenda doesn’t want to make an appearance as mother of the bride because she thinks everyone will be talking about her brain tumour and not about how beautiful Gennie looks. Poor Nikhil!

And poor Cameron’s kids, Dylan and Harry. Debbie goes a bit psycho and takes them to Carl’s grave, where she tells the boys that Chas murdered him – and she might just fancy killing again. That’ll give ’em nightmares!